Enjoylife interview group dialogue watercress users Wang Xiaobao

Enjoylife: Good evening. May Day holiday has passed, in three days, you gain the overtime, or harvest the joy of travel, or to enjoy the surfing pleasure? May 3rd morning, careful users found in the watercress website, one of Wang Xiaobao’s users in World Expo the name posted his sexy photo number, and even vacuum transparent cheongsam photos uploaded to Douban, therefore Enjoylife to Douban concern about Wang Xiaobao, she found there was enough scale Madden, but also a selling lingerie (http://s.shop34263364.taobao.com) who own Taobao online business, we have please come to our http://s.douban.com/people/boapop/ Wang Xiaobao bean user interaction space and we talk with her tonight. The sexy lingerie.

Enjoylife:ok, first of all we have and we Andy please make a self introduction.

Wang Xiaobao: I’m a Taobao seller in a lingerie uniform. Gender female. Loving man.

Enjoylife: a simple introduction to let everyone know about it, in fact, watercress recently should we are very concerned about the revision problem, do you think the revision affects you? What time to join Douban? I joined Douban for what purpose? And talk to us.

Wang Xiaobao: I am used to the old version, used to do not love to change, so I did not change the new version of cool. In trying to adapt, but the complaint is there. In early 08. At the beginning of the film to find a convenient.

Enjoylife: this morning when I see you upload photos in the watercress network, I feel a good photo shoot, can you talk about the photos after the upload reaction and their experience.

Wang Xiaobao: I’m a lingerie uniform. I can’t afford a model. This reaction is actually normal to me. At the time of writing the love of the inexplicable big reaction has made me immune. Like or hate, I do what I want to do in my site.

Enjoylife: self selling underwear is not what strange things, remember the first phase of the 2008 Enjoylife interview group interview is taobao.com underwear self coffee today, lily, Lily coffee shop development, has achieved great success, so you feel with the industry to sell underwear shopkeeper than what advantages and characteristics of


Wang Xiaobao: there is no advantage and no characteristics. I just started to do so much less to improve a lot. To be a sexy lingerie brand is a little dream for me and my husband, now is the first step to explore.


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