Online shopping refused to return the seller fined 500 thousand

"infringement of consumer rights and interests act" in mid March to implement

online shopping seven days no reason to return, the implementation is difficult to become a historical  

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Peng Xiaolu

last year the provisions of the new consumer law online shopping goods in addition to the four special circumstances can enjoy seven days return rights, but the implementation after six months, seven days no reason to return seems to look very beautiful promises, consumers are still refused to return the complaint.

days ago, SAIC announced the "acts against the interests of consumers penalties" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") clearly, deliberately refusing or delaying the return of the business will be the highest 500 thousand yuan penalty.

status: most consumers will choose silence

City Consumers Association Secretary General Deng Guoping analysis, "last year" the implementation of the new consumer law, online shopping gives consumers the right to regret, but also to the seven days no reason to return the complaints increased significantly. Among them, most of them are against the network seller for seven days no reason to return to set a higher return threshold, and even refused to return the situation.

complaints are more concentrated in some of the small electricity supplier in Dongguan and some just entered the line of the seller body". Deng Guoping said that due to the buyers and sellers in different places, involving territorial jurisdiction, the final complaint to the Consumers Association is just the tip of the iceberg, more consumers choose silence.

now these provisions of the king is expected to become clear history, SAIC announced the "measures", online shopping seven days no reason to return is to protect the basic rights and interests of consumers, deliberately refusing or delaying return businesses maximum by 500 thousand yuan penalty, the penalty measures will be officially implemented in March 15th this year.

reporter visited: electricity supplier website returns vary

reporter comparison of several large sites found in the seven days no reason to return on the standard is not consistent. Tmall shows that Tmall in the sale of commercial custom commodities does not support seven days no reason to return service, "other goods for Tmall seven days no reason to return service, the rules came into effect in December 1st last year.

other shopping sites, seven days no reason to return, such as the return policy is more general, does not affect the two sales, commodity and other issues on the standard is not the same.

reporter saw pat online requirements, return merchandise to meet the commodity intact, does not affect the two sale". Amazon, shop No. 1 site requires the return of goods needed to maintain the status quo and accessories complete when sold, that is to say it shall not be opened, and the contents of the "measures" conflict.

buyers praise sellers innocence

living in the southern city of online shopping Daren Zhang Zigao (a pseudonym) often encounter seven days do not return problem. This year, "double 11", a small purchase of the United States to buy a down jacket, found after the receipt of goods and orders

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