The New York times square big screen Jingxian Ningmei Guo integrated computer opens a new chapter

October 21st (Beijing time), the United States and the United States landing New York times square. "From the New York Times Square to guangbutun instantly occupy micro-blog ranked first topic.

Ning national landing in New York times square

micro-blog topic ranking first

integration concept to accelerate the domestic market mature


is really a powerful word Ning Mei country, before the computer integrated concept, Ning American led by a group of Internet pioneers, actually has important elements covered by the concept, show in the product output to. This is why the concept was put forward, immediately caused by users, friends and even the whole line of recognition and follow.

can be summed up in the concept of integrated computer products and services to enhance the two directions. At the end of the most advanced manufacturing, integration of resources and hardware enterprises for the user to create a boutique, more than that, in full of personality today, given the product attitude and personality to meet user needs; the server, the Internet channel is the most intuitive convenience to reflect, then extended warranty, national door-to-door service, launched a series of response speed high value-added services. Perfect the concept of integrated server construction.

two development blocks in the domestic market has matured, from sales, customer satisfaction and other data statistics can also be learned that the domestic market has regional stability. Yes, it also indicates that the time is ripe for overseas markets.

service concept applies to the global market

Although there are differences throughout the

, but the service concept is suitable for global users. Domestic market activity is significantly higher than overseas, the establishment of domestic service may not apply to overseas markets, but its service concept can be perfect for overseas. At present, the overseas market for the concept of computer DIY personalized service is weak, the market also have customized products with the nature of the Internet brand, which provides an opportunity for the country Ning mei. Moreover, after years of market operation, the country has a profound nimmay cooperation with the Asia Pacific market established hardware producers, there is also associated with the depth of Intel and Ning Mei country, both overseas development needs and certain development experience, multiplier.


airborne New York or will cause industry upheaval

Ning national airborne New York Times Square, which is a manifestation of confidence, but also a better way to improve themselves. Computer integrated concept has been pursued, constantly breakthrough self, refresh sales is not the industry leader in the pursuit of goals, the integration of computer industry chain gradually improved, the formation of the ecological let more friends to broaden the market, allowing more users to enjoy better products, better service is the root of the survival of the road.

airborne New York, sounded the clarion call. I believe that in the near future, the United States will be led by the United States and the integration of computer companies

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