Online trading into the United States and the United States blacklist Ali President political factor

Abstract: 10 China market was included in the United States in the so-called "bad market", the industry’s concerns about Trump next policy.


local time on December 21st, the U.S. trade representative’s office issued a report on the protection of intellectual property rights, and other 10 China market was included in the so-called "bad market", accounted for almost the total list of 1/4. The industry is worried about the future trend of Sino US trade relations, as well as the new president of the United States Trump will soon come to power after the policy.


group president Bethune for the first time clearly said: "the Alibaba group for the office of the U.S. trade representative will be Taobao included in the" notorious markets list "the decision is very disappointed. Four years ago, it was the office that removed us from this list. Over the past four years, we have carried out a series of practical actions with the brand owners and law enforcement agencies to carry out the work of intellectual property protection in a more effective and advanced way. While the United States Trade Representative Office will be taken back on our "notorious markets list" at this time, we highly doubt whether this decision is realistic, or is affected by the current political atmosphere."

Alibaba said that at present there are more than 100 thousand brands to carry out business in the Alibaba group under the platform, they can’t all make the wrong judgment, this also reflects the high trust brand for our rights.

apple more than 18 thousand international brands have carried out cooperation and Ali fake


report shows that the total of 10 Chinese market list, including and other 4 online market, and Guangzhou Baiyun market under the 6 line market, accounted for almost There was no parallel in history. the so-called "bad market" 1/4.

as everyone knows, as a connecting platform for buyers and sellers, the Alibaba does not produce fake fake, but exists in reality, but with the development of electronic commerce, trading scene iteration, the production and sale of counterfeit goods supply chain is trying to spread from the line to the line, and gradually shows the trend of globalization.

platform management Alibaba chief officer Zheng Junfang said, this for a any time there are more than 1 billion items, the year 434 million active buyers platform, there is no precedent for global challenges. To this end, the Alibaba has invested a lot of manpower and resources, by the end of 2015, but also set up a special platform management department, in the fiscal year as a whole is no longer new employee background, again additional 200 employees full-time holiday, it can be said that this year the results achieved far beyond imagination.

at the same time, as a highly respected intellectual property company, the Alibaba has never given up efforts in the field, and tried to use big data, using new technology to seek breaking, completely solve this problem plagued online and offline.

up to now, Alibaba has and packages >

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