Tmall North realignment Suning encirclement Jingdong 3C, Jingdong in a nice hobble

as the eleven national day is a busy season, in the ten line on the electricity market is relatively calm, the next line shopping is positive, and with the mobile business mature, this year eleven has become a key node of large electricity providers to promote marriage, just Tmall city and Su Ningzhun prepared let this year become the front eleven eleven double line cooperative promotion rehearsal, accompanied by Ali Beijing Hangzhou double home court strategy, Jingdong seem to sit for eleven full face cat ning.


Beijing, eleven joint Suning Jingdong prepared a gift for

Ali announced the "Hangzhou Beijing" double home court strategy, to Beijing as the center of the northern area of a big fight. The purpose of the move was widely interpreted as a Jingdong to come, but Ali official argument is given the three points have a business in Beijing, a number of companies including music, Ali Ali cloud, UC mobile, High German map, Ali Ali pictures, Youku potatoes, Sina health, micro-blog and other self, acquisitions and investment in Beijing, Tmall word chips just a normal business focus adjustment. But there is one thing you must have noticed that those companies in Beijing, before Ali is a non business electricity supplier, the Ali double home court strategy or very profound meaning, be interpreted to directly suppress Jingdong too.

official rhetoric not easily to suppress competition for this purpose on the table and said, just before Ali, Suning marriage, the official statement is "not for the cooperation and competition", but it is clear that this level of cooperation will certainly impact on the Jingdong. In fact, Ali let Tmall North moving subtext has been very clear, that is, to the strong electricity supplier business into the Beijing market, the purpose is to directly suppress its Jingdong 3C home appliance business in the home market. Prior to the establishment of a close marriage with Suning, but also at this time began to play a role.

eleven years during the national day of the 3C big promotion of home appliances is the highlight of the next line of Suning, Suning and Tmall this year and work together to jointly carry out the National Electric City big promotion, from September 25th to October 9th, Beijing area users have the opportunity to participate in the consumption of red envelopes to receive 100 yuan, a total of more than 1 billion yuan. Tmall has just announced a gift to Beijing for Jingdong specially prepared so rich, this is certainly not a coincidence, including Suning before marriage, the capital was moved to Beijing, and during the national day of the 3C big promotion of home appliances, this series of initiatives are specially prepared for Jingdong.

said Jingdong logistics have advantages, then Ali is ready to challenge the logistics of the Jingdong in Beijing market. After the investment goodaymart logistics integration and Suning, Tmall enhanced large logistics and distribution capacity, for the eleven national Jingdong tailored to prepare the 3C appliances big promotion activities, Tmall electric appliances to consumers in Beijing city will provide electricity delivery service day appointment, dish bird and Suning logistics fully open, even the day of sending loaded one, the efficiency of logistics services in order to catch up with the Jingdong. Ali around a circle to find a few important helper is through the electric city business collapse of Jingdong 3C advantage of home appliances and the first goal is to capture.