Taobao headlines online less than a year can earn 100 thousand

news July 1st, Alibaba group’s consumer information platform Taobao headlines announced the official launch of localization strategy — "zebra city plan", Taobao launched the first local Headlines — Chengdu city channel channel also officially launched today.


billion state power network learned "zebra plan" will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu 9 City recruitment of mainstream media as city partners, build user LBS positioning function based on city channel, and through local quality content producers docking Ali ecosystem ecology, vertical a city of the media, so that high-quality regional content hit off by Taobao headline entrance, content value realization.



chief content officer Yuedong headlines Bell said the data show that Taobao headline daily active users million, the amount of reading a good content will be 8 million +, a premium account 8 month subscription to about 900000 fans, the average monthly price of up to 100 thousand + powder. But noted billion state power network, the amount of reading headlines in Taobao home page of an article are below 1000 part of the article will reach hundreds of thousands of.


Alibaba sources, Taobao headlines content creators can realize the value of cash. From the account of income, a Taobao hot headlines to read the article, can give people from the media to bring about 100000 yuan commission income; have settled Taobao media headlines, through the business planning activities content customization, profit 1 million 800 thousand case within 2 weeks.

it is understood that, in cooperation with the "zebra" project, city Partners Limited is not exclusive, the number of a city is generally not more than 3, city partners can invite the city to meet the new requirements of the media headlines Taobao become the alliance member in the league in the form of collective headlines in Taobao.

is reported that the content of the community, local life service is the future direction of the three Taobao. Taobao headlines line less than a year, every month there are more than 80 million consumers through Taobao headlines to get the latest consumer information content.