Courier companies do electricity supplier in the end do not fly

in recent days, Ma Yun’s Taobao mall has become the focus of attention of ten thousand, single day sales of up to 9 hundred million, which is a huge number, but Taobao mall achieved. In fact, in the double 11 like a raging fire sale after the consumer to calm down, found a lot of drawbacks, similar to the "half off is only a cover up, in October 8th 2006 was 238, and in the double 11 day was 208, the overall price drop of only 30 yuan." "Kana, fake half off everywhere." It is similar to the problem in the discussion of micro-blog is crowded ah, but the biggest problem is the problem of customer service, sales in the past rash and too much in haste, but it has not yet reached the consumer goods, in this process, slow delivery, the lost thing…… And a series of problems, still need to be resolved, and this is precisely the most critical issue for Ma now Taobao.

since March this year, the group has a stake in the Alibaba was founded last year, stars will be anxious, and private courier express regional brand. Plus in 2007, and Terry Gou investment Pepsi logistics, Ma Yun in the courier industry has fallen three. The Alibaba investment group did not want to cause self logistics, cross-border competition, "we are not going to do to deliver the goods to your home thing, this thing is very difficult to do, but their job if one day they will take your job".


, from Ma Taobao, people see the electronic commerce this cake created "miracles", more people are willing to put together the electronic commerce industry, is the first domestic Internet giants, Tencent, Baidu and Taobao are with the same type of the C2C website, there are mall fight, really not easy! But it will, as the third party courier do not want to miss such a piece of cake, want to compete for a.

, SF EXPRESS, STO, Chinese postal Yuantong express, ZJS have opened their electronic commerce website, and for the express industry to do e-commerce is not a derogatory pot, a survey shows that 63% of Internet users believe that the industry is more feasible, that express the electricity supplier, is not reliable. So, the courier industry to do electricity supplier in the end do not rely on it?

first, online shopping habits

want to change the shopping habits of Internet users, the most important thing is that the quality of the products sold more secure. More often, Taobao became the first stop online shopping, accounting for 80% of the market share is not just written performance. Take the reality, many people did not know the electronic commerce is clearly what Taobao, "Taobao" N said many things can be above Amoy! So, want to change the Internet shopping habits, a time is difficult, now many business giants are in the grab share.

two, network promotion

said network promotion, e-commerce and know how to use the Internet to create interest, but for the novice, or worse, take the previous "background" Foxconn B2C website "tiger Tesco, when just launched some sound.