Gong Wenxiang B2C almost industry wide losses

at the present stage of China’s B2C is very hot, but there are few examples of success in the scale of profitability, said the loss of the entire industry is not too much B2C. Open a shop millions of sales may be profitable, but on the scale of the B2C site are not profitable, if based on long-term thinking B2C industry, had to let people think about why not profitable. VC ring and electronic commerce circle bosses, more thinking about the problem, such as how to sell goods, premium value-added goods sold, only premium sellers to make money, but even investors with the boss the most intelligent B2C industry seems to have not found know-how.

is a reason for consumers to online shopping well-known brands, but at this stage B2C sites generally now well-known brand bargaining power is too weak, the gross profit is too small, so at this stage to website brand B2C positioning on the surface is very beautiful, in fact, do not make money, like good music to buy, sell Nike, Adidas. Sales again big also can not earn money, the long run, if the sales of these brands to cause attention (now online sales accounted for the overall proportion of well-known brands is too small, and their line of sales than they, but is it a contemptuous disregard) began to decline, other business famous big B2C will face the crisis there is a risk of possible future cannot withstand a single blow. Zappos’s lesson is not deep, how about $1 billion in sales, is not a loss of no way to be forced to sell.

sell famous brand goods can not make money, selling their own brands should be high margin, can make money,

but now on the Internet to build a brand seems impossible, now brand path is still open a sufficient number of stores in the downtown area (such as BELLE) + TV advertising especially CCTV advertising (such as people, Erke) that you are a sign that at this stage alone on the Internet to create a famous brand seems impossible, VANCL spent billions on the Internet promotion, yet no one thinks that Vancl is a brand like YOUNGOR shirt.

a few months ago, I visited in Guangzhou on Taobao to build a successful Mr.ing products Taobao first male shoe shoes – 80 – God of Xiao Yin, a pair of shoes sold 350 thousand of its own, but he has a clear understanding, think he is not to build a successful brand point, although he make money every year like everyone else, but also in thinking, why the same quality and style, BELLE can sell 500 yuan premium, he can only sell 200 yuan. They also joined the online exploration.

tomato tree fall that the so-called 2 electronic commerce mode, the so-called SNS electronic commerce, social commerce, just looks beautiful lie, do not spend 1 cents to promote reputation watercress e-commerce at this stage is a dead end, so far there is no successful precedent.

sell well-known goods can not make money, sell high gross profit of their own brand can not set up, the socialization of 2 e-commerce is a deceptive trick, Service >