The business school from ERP to help small and medium business enterprise in a warehouse

relatively large electricity supplier companies, small and medium enterprises in the daily operation of the biggest weak link, it should be the warehouse management. Small and medium enterprises are mostly grassroots origin, some of which is basically a couple wife shop. No experience in warehouse planning, building and management.

shelves should be placed where? Do not know how to put the product? Do not know; warehouse quickly installed on how to do? Do not know how to do?. And with more and more goods, storage is also more and more disorderly. Can not find the goods, inventory is not accurate, the loss is more common in the inventory.


ERP from the business school as e-commerce services and a leading provider of technology, has always been committed to the business enterprise ERP system to provide comprehensive, complete and solutions. And from the ERP internal standard reasonable electricity supplier storage specification to self storage management easy to use, can help small and medium business enterprise storage and precise management of basic operation, make the warehouse operation easy and orderly, no trick.


from the ERP support multi warehouse management, warehouse management, virtual warehouse physical support; its flexible location management, location and position location + management mode, which is convenient for storage and rapid operation and reasonable planning personnel; picking route, improve the picking efficiency.

from the ERP inventory query, can help small and medium business enterprise real-time understanding of inventory, inventory tracking and location idle; records can query all the goods out of storage register, precise management of commodity records;

From the ERP and

in addition, flexible storage, transfer and other general warehouse operation procedure is simple and easy to use. But also supports the only code management, can track the goods after sale.

small and medium business enterprise to choose the business school from ERP, is equivalent to choose a mature and reliable products and services. Small and medium business enterprise application cloud by reducing the cost of ERP, the business school makes the clouds cloud ERP system become the operation of small and medium business enterprise work standard, so as to improve the small and medium business enterprise informatization investment returns.