Jingdong mall CTO Wang Yaqing resignation for less than a year



December 12, 2012, Wang Yaqing to the identity of the identity of Jingdong mall CTO unveiled by the cloud base cloud world conference.


technology news December 26th morning news, according to Jingdong CTO mall confirmed that Wang Yaqing because of family reasons, has officially quit working time less than one year, but the future will be transferred to the company as consultant.

Wang Yaqing before joining Jingdong mall was Oracle (Oracle), vice president of the world. In January this year, efforts to expand and improve the executive team of Jingdong Mall for the first time to set up a CTO post, and invited to serve 13 years in Oracle Wang Yaqing. According to earlier media reports, during Oracle, Wang Yaqing in charge of the development of databases and cloud computing.

2011 so far, Jingdong mall rapid expansion and improve the executive team, suspected to be ready for listing. Wang Yaqing, Jingdong mall CSO (Chief Strategic Officer) in December, served as vice chairman of the group in, which is the first group vice chairman of Jingdong mall set up. In February, Acer group China former executive vice president of Jingdong as the first mall Lanye CMO. In June, former director of Merrill Lynch Investment Bank Kui Ying Chun as vice president. In July, former vice president of UT Sidakang Long Yu served as general counsel and chief legal Jingdong CHO mall.

continues to expand executive process, the Jingdong executives also experienced some loss, in June this year, the Jingdong responsible for Information Technology Vice President Jiang Haidong left a few months ago, the addition of a vice president B soil month left Jingdong.

Liu Qiangdong has created his own set of inverted triangle management models in internal or semi public speeches. In this model, Liu Qiangdong stressed that the team, logistics, cost, efficiency and other key words, and the team is located at the bottom of the foundation to become the basis of the Liu Qiangdong management model. But now it seems that Jingdong mall executives team after a year of rapid expansion, has not yet stabilized.