Domestic buy industry boom behind


miniature Tesco event

Zhejiang famous group purchase site group Tesco since last week for hacking. This is a group of Tesco on-line since June, suffered the most serious one. In the office area group Tesco, the employees "and attacked the" cry of surging and repeated, as one falls, another rises, in the day it is reported that the attack so violent a week, from the 4W request / the first seconds to present 7W requests per second, resulting in the site visit as slow as snail, extremely difficult, until did not open. Website background single serious.

with the explosive growth of the customer complaints, customer service website reluctantly told friends on QQ: "our company is black and Tesco, the other


triggered: buy market thinking

with the rise of the domestic hot buy, buy the industry boom. We heard the raging like a storm behind, is vulnerable to malicious attacks one after another group purchase website. Not only make the major sites serious losses, consumers are also worried about how to guide the positive development of the group buying market imminent.

in the face of this kind of attack, but whether it is "people Public opinions are divergent., 000 regiments under peer malicious attacks, hackers are still Yingshih game like self mutilation, or revenge on the consumer group purchase service of emotions, we have condemned such shameful acts ignored the interests of consumers, disrupt the market order of the group purchase industry malicious.

appeal: fair competition, cooperation in China to buy bigger market

group such as Tesco COO Wu Hongbo said:

"any business conduct, for whatever purpose, should be carried out under the framework of national laws and regulations. When companies use their own technology in the service for users to create their own value as a new shopping model, integrity and service is more important. Only focus, professionalism, integrity will win the favor of customers, will win the market."

society calls for the majority of peer fair competition to maintain a healthy, good atmosphere of the industry.

group purchase website as the focus for the majority of users of product, technology, service and responsible enterprises should improve the harmonious social environment committed to their own, providing convenience and more services for consumers, let the group purchase in the true sense of service users, to expand the market of

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