Sanosan together Babe network 9.8 anniversary, to repay 50 million mom

September 8, maternal electricity supplier babe network ushered in the 2.5 anniversary, the 618 has gone, 11· 11 is not coming, but in this intense shopping season, the 9.8 anniversary will once again set off a baby shopping spree. The 9.8 anniversary celebration of Beibei in addition to the audience full of 300 back to 300 "," 9.8 big seckill "campaign, is to obtain a number of well-known brands at home and abroad sound blessing, Germany imported high-end brand sanosan baby care, together Babe network, Hao gas is 50 million mum and welfare.


sanosan, as the German imports of high-end baby care brands in recent years by the China mother love, 35 years to focus on baby skin provide gentle nourishing, innovative use of hydrolyzed milk protein nourishing formula, better nourish tender baby skin.

the 9.8 babe network anniversary, thanks to the mother of 50 million sanosan love sanosan Beijing company executives not only personally sent a blessing, during the anniversary, sanosan is more favorable, the audience full of 199 by 40, more super multi surprise and send gifts.


It is reported that

, the 9.8 Justin anniversary celebration, in addition to 1986 maternal sanosan, brands have sincerity activities including Pampers, curiosity, Balabala, in the benefit of the baby at the same time, do not forget to care for the mother, let the spirit of mother always beautiful young attitude, Beibei home beauty special activities is quite large, full reduction activities, Royal mud square, Maybelline beauty and many other big names have different intensity.


as Chinese professional mother electricity supplier APP babe network, babe network uphold professional trustworthy philosophy, not only provide the necessary babies need to grow to mothers, is expected to meet the mother "to buy their own things", "to the family to buy things" demand, around the economy to build the next mobile mom electric entrance.

it is understood that, in addition to sanosan, there are a number of domestic and foreign well-known brand mother in unison for Beibei sent a blessing, and for a number of users to send welfare mother brilliant, in addition to thousands of brand explosion models 9.8 yuan seckill Oh, more worth hundreds of millions of red hot rain run, the goods over 300 to 300. Such a big effort, is bound to once again set off a mother and child shopping spree.