Taobao announced the latest Chinese New Year delivery rules receipt date extended to 20 days

January 8th news, recently, Taobao announced the delivery time and transaction timeout adjustment notice of the Spring Festival in 2017, during the Spring Festival (January 20th -2 5) the seller delivery time, transaction timeout made special provisions. Frequent online shopping small partners need to pay attention to it.


According to Taobao

announced that in the delivery rules, in addition to the parties also agreed delivery time, payment orders during the Spring Festival, in addition to the global purchase, decoration and other specific categories of items, the Seller shall at 23:59 on February 8th for 59 seconds before delivery, the delivery time to express company system records shall prevail.

Taobao official announcement:




in recognition of the receipt of overtime adjustment, during the Spring Festival order receipt timeout adjusted from 10 days to 20 days, virtual goods unchanged.

in the refund and overtime adjustment on the sale, is divided into a refund timeout (before the transaction is successful), a refund timeout (before the transaction is successful), refund / after sales negotiations waiting for buyers to return time.

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