Monthly visits increased by 26% B2C website competition intensified

at present, online shopping market is gradually becoming the key domestic retail market in the power of traditional industries and enterprises began to devote more energy to operate online transactions. UNIQLO, JACK&JONES and other brands Taobao mall one after another to create sales miracle, sales of substantially more than the next line store directly proves the important role of online sales to businesses.

Internet third party statistics agency CNZZ, according to the number of consumer visits to the shopping site, visit and purchase behavior of the relevant data analysis.

B2C monthly visits increased by 26%

the number of visitors is one of the most important indicators for the evaluation of the site, according to CNZZ data show that B2C enterprise sales activities on the personal website?? and the C2C website (personal sales activities for the individual) significant growth in the number of visitors in October 09 and the number of visitors to purchase is 08 years in October were, especially B2C the total number of visitors rose as high as 26%, higher than the national growth rate of Internet users, this is mainly due to the concept of online shopping more and more popular at the same time query, B2C site links to improve the quality of B2C, some have a brand effect, more well-known brands to carry out B2C management, B2C site promotion skills more mature the ability to import more traffic. However, the proportion of visitors with the purchase behavior of B2C declined, the reason is that more visitors are introduced by the ad, rather than visitors voluntarily enter, which led to a lot of visitors to leave directly, there is no effective flow. The online query, the line to buy more and more visitors, increasing competition between B2C sites.

due to the relatively new users of network applications is unique, as entertainment, and online shopping intention is low, so the direct landing C2C shopping site user is less, so the number of visitors to the C2C growth rate of 16%, lower than the growth rate of the total number of people. However, most of the visitors to the C2C site have a clear willingness to buy. Different geographical users choose different

due to the level of income and consumption levels as well as the concept of shopping, consumers around the B2C and C2C have their own characteristics. Here in Beijing and Chongqing, for example, consumers, first of all, whether it is Beijing or Chongqing, with the increase in the price of goods, consumer attention has gradually shifted from C2C to B2C. But in the specific degree of concern, Beijing consumers to pay more attention to brand value and better reputation in the B2C site, and Chongqing consumers are more concerned about the low price is more and more abundant varieties of goods C2C market (see photo).

through the above analysis we can see that the user behavior in the use of B2C and C2C are significantly different, B2C can attract more visitors, but the visitors into consumers’ efficiency is relatively low, B2C users in the purchase process but also the value of its brand value and quality assurance, B2C enterprises to ensure the quality of the commodity and set up brand value also need further training of users of online shopping habits, to provide better.

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