Network promotion skills and complete tutorial

had seen many webmaster said on the promotion of website feeds method, also began to try to do a bit. Found that the flow is not very large, and later found out that their method is not right! Later, I found the method, only the POCO network, every day on average to thousands of IP, sometimes more! (this is my website promotion inside the great flow of the article, through the network we can go see
boardid=50) put the following some of their own experience to share network promotion.

In 1,

group registered account! (registered account in multiple links with the same account, with a password, convenient memory)

2, with a registered account login, in order to facilitate the operation, the general network have the right key to download the plug-in, right-click the plug-in, easy to add article! Directly in the menu is added to my brief words! (in order to add the convenience of not landing more, since you can let the computer remember password)


began to add articles, find web sites or forums you think a good article, press the right button to find you want to add to the network (right click to install plug-in can right-click add) add note (not to add a duplicate, so as not to be the title of


4, the following is the operation of the specific demo video (below to POCO as an example) address: (Tutorial)

tutorial browser address:

tutorial download address:

Here are some of the large amount of

access network

poco network

introduce the following several effective techniques

1. Choose the right on time: recommended in the Internet to avoid the peak time, because this time the user more recommended, so at this time the recommended page will soon sink to the bottom, the effect is very poor. If you avoid this time to recommend, then the effect will be twice the result with half the effort. According to master experience, morning 7:00 – 11:00 is the prime time to recommend the article links the root >!

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