do not rely on Baidu how to do tens of thousands of traffic

first step out of the information portal.

second steps each portal station has an information release platform, do not go to search engine search, because the biggest is the local portal station that.

third steps were selected tutor, recruitment, cooperation, real estate in these areas.

Fourth step

to release a tutor information of each city are innumerable and tutor, are college students, if students need to be poor flow, can choose to use to find a tutor, a general information, every day can bring more traffic to 100IP.

Fifth step

and can release recruitment information, such as China Unicom Company Recruitment Clerk, part-time full-time, salary 2000 yuan, deduct a percentage from another account, you can call 10011 for consultation, can also send your resume to the mailbox in the mailbox on the [email protected] can be set to automatically reply.

Sixth step

if you want to know some rich people, pull some rich people flow, then you can release: I first arrived at the city, ready to invest 50~100 million, to find potential cooperation projects, requirements of security at the end of the return rate of 10%, interested friends can contact QQ:XXXX

Seventh step

can release the ultra cheap real information, such as the house of 1000 yuan a flat, because in a hurry, home sharp money to sell, contact QQ…

eighth steps a day to send a province, a month can be sent, a province of the hair again, but is only half an hour, only the municipal portal station, contact on the 10 day, a day is enough to have tens of thousands of IP. This is a very simple method of traffic, traffic is also very effective, is their own experience, do Firefox a month do 4000 dollars.

ninth step there is a better way, is to find some text XX chat records, and then the inside of the female QQ number to change, and then sent to the X station, the flow is quite high.

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