Tmall international conspiracy O2O aimed at global airport duty-free shop


] January 22nd news billion state power network, according to informed sources, Tmall international through the third party service providers in secret contact with major global duty-free group, plans to open O2O project this year in the National Airport duty-free shops.

these sources said, Tmall has been in the international day before the establishment of the O2O division, plan on O2O display skills to the full. Tmall international O2O implementation is that the consumer before going abroad, going abroad, are available through the Tmall International Airport duty-free shop in advance to buy overseas goods, in return, go directly to the airport duty-free stores since the question can be. However, the current form of duty-free shops in the form of Tmall international has not yet been finalized, the source speculated that Tmall may allow the international tax exempt groups settled in the shop.

the source pointed out that although last year the international transit cats already began to prepare it, but the project did not fall, the biggest obstacle is that Alipay is still unable to support the whole process of the transaction. "Years later, Alibaba will once again transform the international system Tmall and Alipay, although the specific time can not be determined, but there is no problem on the line in 2015."

billion state power network to understand, in fact, Tmall international and overseas duty-free group cooperation has already begun. In June 1, 2014, Thailand largest duty-free group (Wang Quan) King Power in Tmall international opened "King Power overseas flagship store, sales of Thailand specialty foods, Thailand, and other essential oils, Tess with the Thailand culture and arts and crafts. At present King Power goods through direct mail, general trade, bonded imported into China in three ways, it is not supported in the duty-free shop from mentioning Thailand.

Tmall international O2O project landing will not be confined to Thailand. The sources said that the current Tmall international will be contacted by a number of third party service providers and major tax exempt groups, the future will be directly related to the major tax groups to talk about cooperation is not yet known.

billion state power network mentioned is involved in a family of third party service providers for this project to verify the source, the answer is: with Tmall international on the relevant matters discussed, but the details and progress is not convenient to disclose.

in fact, this duty-free shop O2O model is not Tmall international initiative. As early as December 28, 2012, South Korea Lotte duty free shop on the launch of the Chinese version of shopping site, to facilitate the increasing visit to Chinese tourists shopping in Lotte duty-free shop. Chinese visitors can buy duty-free goods in advance "Lotte duty-free shop online", at the end of the Korean tourist home conveniently receive the goods.

"Lotte duty-free shop online" on the international settlement system service agreement signed with Alipay, Alipay access. Alipay and Lotte duty free shop of this cooperation provides valuable experience for Tmall international to carry out a similar business.

in December 21, 2014, Chinese duty-free group launched "free store", the future will also launch a duty-free shop "

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