COM domain name reproduction of the 2 major risk network security sounded the alarm

outbreak of the financial crisis, so that network security has become a focus of widespread concern. Reporters learned that the recent controversy over the role of the COM domain name for other countries have intensified the trend, coupled with the soaring global COM domain name spam, no doubt sounded a wake-up call to the security of Internet users.

global domain name dispute doubled COM highest risk

the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a day before the release of the data shows that the global number of domain name dispute has been a rising trend since 2003, as of the end of 2008, has doubled. 6421 of the plaintiffs from the United States, accounting for about 43.87% of the total, much higher than the number of domain names in other countries. Data show that 85% of the world’s domain name litigation to win the plaintiff in the end, the plaintiffs from the United States often occupy a dominant position in the proceedings.

Internet experts said, because the application for COM domain name is the laws of the United States, so regardless of the registered person is in China, America, or other countries in the world, once the dispute, should be in accordance with the laws of the United States and used to award, domestic registered lawsuits, often need to deal with the language barrier and geographical location many problems, can not enjoy the same right of reply should suit.

Chinese companies are often at a disadvantage in such situations. Between CNNEWS.COM and CNN.COM long AIU online domain name dispute is an example. AIU online business "Chinese news" because the domain name –CNNEWS.COM, which contains CNN three letters, CNN will be regarded as infringement. Although Internet users and domain experts repeatedly called and explained that CNNEWS is CHINA NEWS (China News), but in the end, according to U.S. law, the CNNEWS.COM arbitration to the CNN.

at present, in the domain name lawsuit initiated by the plaintiff, there is little for a domain name, are aimed at the domain name for recycling protection. Therefore, those who hold a large number of COM domain name investors will be able to lose all of the domain name overnight, and faced with astronomical claims.

spam 70% from COM

in addition, for users, the domain name of the domain name registration COM domain name disputes brought about by the information security risks are not limited to the litigation risk. Foreign well-known anti-virus vendor Symantec (Symantec) recently released a monthly report shows that in the first week of this year, the new year began to rebound sharply, of which 68% of spam from the COM domain name. While 90% of spam with malicious links, users need to be vigilant.

experts remind, COM domain complex user groups led to disputes such as domain name, spam and other issues. For companies such as domain name users, the domain name of the domain name registration COM and other areas of high incidence of high wind

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