Baidu input method quietly open platform to eliminate restrictions on the use of AP



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[TechWeb news] January 12th news, Baidu input method on its official website quietly open API (Application Programming Interface), API external call address is:

input method Baidu relevant responsible person said that the implementation of the strategy of opening up Baidu input method, API is committed to open, in order to better let Baidu strong technical accumulation in the Chinese information processing service for Internet users.

Baidu input method to open the API, which means that millions of Chinese Web site can access the program to provide users with more convenient input services. It is understood that, as long as the official website of Baidu to get the appropriate code, you can use any of the products in the web transplant, there is no limit to the use of the platform, there is no technical barriers hinder.

before the news, Baidu Inc this year will increase the client product investment in 2011 was called "internal client" input method is one of the key projects, in order to snatch the input method of the market share, to seize the client market.

at present, Baidu input method product line has quietly layout, product line covers the online handwriting input method, cloud input method, mobile phone input method, and the PC input method. 2009 Baidu low-key to enter the market of mobile phone input method, the same period immediately launched the Japanese input method in Japan, by the end of 2010 reached the domestic market low-key launch of Baidu Pinyin input method.

it is understood that the number of users of Baidu input method at present though not many, but showed a positive growth trend, which belongs to the quantity of product quality and user’s period of rapid growth, in certain areas, such as the input sentence, the search scene demand positioning characteristics such as advantage.


client is a hotly contested spot, while the input method has become the Red Sea market, at present, several giants including Tencent, Sohu, Alibaba, Google, Sina, Baidu Chinese, into the input market. (E)

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