The basic code zuoshou Tencent data memory search for gold, and the lack of

"only to follow the prescribed order to complete KPI soso:" this is what I experienced in


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heard the Tencent and Sogou cooperation news, still traveling with me all stay out: we still show the emperor, all the small dog back. I’m free my game online Q coins!! I @# [email protected]#………. uh, or to talk business.

has little coups victory away, but, often just as part of a product package selling price. Especially in such a case is overwhelmed with admiration for the more popular. But as an unknown to the public level employees, my experience and feeling, still can search from a different side show (soso) fate.

with a gold spoon born soso

then come down, TAB is entering the arena of choice, then went to the just released its own engine near soso. I am doing data mining, in school, very difficult to save some data, especially Chinese, enterprise open data is very small, often having the machine resources are also very nervous. But to the soso, there are QQ space, ask the community a variety of resources, followed by micro-blog, Discuz, a variety of video and user information resources and so on, here is absolutely the perfect world to do data mining research.

to do a better search, it is necessary to have more information resources, such as the typical social map of Facebook, is to increase the human dimension, which gives more accurate results. Soso had the scene search concept is very similar to it, the practice and the recent FB open articles have a lot in common.

from the beginning of 2010, the search has begun to enter the mobile era. Mobile search requires far more accurate than PC search, which requires an answer, or the integration of several resources, rather than a bunch of links. The support of this demand, mainly knowledge mapping and social mapping such structured knowledge. At present, such as Freebase, Factual and other knowledge map, in fact, is the form of crowdsourcing community products, and play community, apparently no one can play Tencent. The soso has also been and Baidu know the gap is not a lot of search community products. As for the social graph, but also QQ space China Facebook, this has been that Google has been struggling with resources, soso has long been the waterside pavilion. With the help of QQ browser entrance, soso in the mobile terminal has a good share, search and other novels have done very distinctive. The rapid rise of WeChat, but also gave the soso a lot of new reverie.

in soso for a few years, >

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