Adsense network broadcast DEDECMS exposed major vulnerabilities Facebook160 billion acquisition of W

1 DEDECMS exposed major vulnerabilities can get the highest management authority to remind the owners to upgrade

A5 webmaster network February 20th news yesterday, Tencent computer housekeeper news release, said there is a major domestic well-known tool site security vulnerabilities. Recently, DEDECMS5.7 and previous versions of exposed serious vulnerabilities, get the website backstage top management right recently can exploit the vulnerability, and the previous version of DEDECMS5.7 exposed serious flaws, to obtain the highest management authority website can use this loophole, view any data or add malicious files, the current version of DEDECMS has to fix the vulnerability, but most sites did not upgrade play this patch, housekeeper reminder webmaster timely upgrade version of DEDECMS to repair the vulnerability of


2 Facebook announces $16 billion acquisition of WhatsApp 

February 20th foreign media reports, social giant Facebook announced that the company will be $16 billion in cash and stock acquisition of mobile IM application WhatsApp, the two sides have signed a merger agreement.

this transaction has been confirmed by the Facebook to the SEC submitted documents. Documents show that a total of $16 billion acquisition includes $4 billion in cash, plus a class of one hundred and eighty million shares of tradable shares. According to February 18th Facebook closing price of $65.265 to calculate these shares worth about $12 billion.

3 is the mother of the media from the media to Tencent, Sohu, Baidu, the three largest media platform from the

from the media but has been more than a year, gradually showing from the contention of a hundred schools of thought a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, WeChat, Tencent, Sohu, Baidu news client 100 become the most important people from the media since the three media platform. Reluctant to set the child less than the wolf, the three media platform to be able to come to the fore the key factor is to be able to bring benefits from the media.

three from the media platform can separate and deposit, one of the model differences are also key factors. Because of its different basis, in the process of establishing self media platform in the exploration of different modes, precisely because there is a difference between the model, people from the media can be more flexible and efficient play from the media’s influence.

4 a former Facebook employee evaluation of the old club’s 19 billion acquisition of

Facebook announced on Wednesday that the company has reached a final agreement with WhatsApp, will be about $16 billion, plus $3 billion restricted shares, the acquisition of WhatsApp. In an exclusive interview with the Tencent of science and technology to view the founding investment partner and early Facebook employees, before the R & D Manager Wang huai.

Wang Huai said, let the data flow is the purpose of the acquisition

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