Moniker platform multiple domain name stolen is now returned

renamed Chinese ( October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the domain registrar Moniker currently has before hackers cause the stolen domain name, return to the holder of Future Media Architecets.


it is understood that a suspected organized domain name theft gang, potentially via unencrypted username and password, steal Moniker platform some precious domain, including Future Media Architects hosted on the Moniker platform,,, domain and etc..

because the thief can not be removed from the Moniker domain name platform, so the Moniker platform will be returned to the domain name domain name holder Elequa. Elequa is the founder of Future Media Architecets, is also a domain name investors.

Elequa holds another 2 letter domain name and, is now transferred to the platform, has been frozen, did not find any information update. The domain name and, who are still there.

in recent years, the domain name theft cases are common, the domain name is equivalent to personal property, once stolen, resulting in incalculable loss. Small is the loss of personal wealth, if the hacker to modify the content of the site, or to re set the DNS jump to * * *, is a serious damage to reputation.

good stuff always coveted, and protect the hands of the domain name, in addition to the holder itself is good information protection work, is also very important to choose a trusted domain name service provider. "China in order to prevent the domain name theft, also launched the" domain security lock "service, to provide prevention domain security incidents as the most effective measures for enterprises and individuals.

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