Buy App which strong The highest viscosity of public comment lowest single rate

users stay at the time of the day to buy App

week to buy App average

buy App single rate


technology news on March 14th news, the current competition pattern, China group purchase market is "a situation of tripartite confrontation" situation. How about these three buy O2O platform mobile application users how to use


domestic big data agency GEO in 2015 of January to do a buy O2O mobile application insight report, the report surveyed about 100 million mobile Internet users in North and East china. Data show that the average daily stay in the group to buy App only 10 minutes or so, in the daily use of a long time, the public comment slightly higher than the u.s..

viscosity in the user, the use of a week to buy App average of 1.8 days, the highest public comment, the number of days a week for up to 2 days, followed by the U.S. group, the use of up to 1.8 days a week, the use of glutinous rice a day for 1.4 days.

however, in terms of the single rate, but the viscosity of the user is just the opposite, the highest glutinous rice, up to 7.4%, the United States under the single rate, the lowest rate of public comment, accounting for only 2.4%.

O2O continued fiery, buy platform also stepped up financing enclosure. Recently, the public comment is about to complete a new round of financing, the amount could reach $850 million. In this regard, the public comment on the response, no comment on the rumors. As early as January of this year, the U.S. mission network founder and CEO Wang announced the completion of a total of $700 million D round of financing. The glutinous rice network backed by Baidu, set off another round of price war.

in the future, these three groups O2O platform will have a fierce war. (Wang Shang)

(Note: single conversion rate for single UV accounted for the proportion of UV.