SARFT remediation BT Website nternet TV ushered in the opportunity to adjust the industry

from last Friday (4) at the beginning of the evening, users found BT China alliance website can not visit. Sharing site the Pirate Bay in August this year, closed at the famous BT, after the four founders by the Swedish court sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years, the domestic BT share a website for the first time to usher in "life and death exams".

The phenomenon of piracy

BT download site, the intellectual property rights of people attach great importance to the wanton trample as early as the SARFT, the Ministry of culture and other departments, such as thunder’s VeryCD, and BT Chinese alliance are the same as the well-known P2P download site, on the VeryCD, including the latest popular TV series "dwelling" will be able to find the seed resources, use Thunder download software to find. After 2009 the industry continued anti piracy activities, resulting in the BT industry is severe governance and restructure is an inevitable trend.

Internet TV ushered in the opportunity to adjust the industry

for television terminal access for the every kind of similar to the grand year box, inside the built-in BT website is basically a download link, has now formed a gray industrial chain, and secretly erode the market share of IPTV, as long as users spend a little money to buy hardware, content via the Internet to watch "forever free".

but this "free" does not to practice in a sneaky way, users seem to get the benefits, but if China a large number of users are using this free resources, or the last blow of the TV drama industry, film and TV industry after blood loss in lower productivity, lower quality, in turn users choice more and less, Chinese film industry more and more rely on the film at the box office this bridge, the impact is long term. Once the state government departments to impose harsh management, blocking the download site, finally or the loss of the users themselves, to spend money to buy a broken shell.

and Chinese thunder began to sell its various TV manufacturers of Internet TV products in 2008, the main form is to provide free downloads for TV manufacturers, including the latest popular TV series, when TV manufacturers inside the TV on the circuit board by implanting thunder chip connection cable, you can climb the thunder through the platform. Remote control download function, according to different network bandwidth, usually a relatively clear television drama download to your hard drive, to 2-3 days, after the completion of the hard disk play download.

at present, most of the mainstream TV manufacturers China manufacturers and the thunder have more or less cooperation, because in the current bandwidth and copyright restrictions, TV manufacturers and copyrighted content publishers also exist between the thunder "years of hard training and education" results: must be very expensive but also the use of legitimate users see are aged TV drama.

thunderbolt to the Internet TV industry strategy, in 2009 the joint action copyright person continuously, undoubtedly just finally falls in fantasy, a good relationship with the thunder insiders told record >