Primitive storm came to an end the majority of the webmaster has to retrieve the server

August 11th news, Taizhou Telecom announced that the original man off the network, the current majority of the webmaster has to retrieve the server. "Primitive" responsible person "absconded" storm temporarily come to an end.

August 5th Taizhou Telecom announced that it will stop at 10, the original people of the network access services, while hosting in the original man room IDC registration. Beginning in August 8th, IDC has received a notification from the telecommunications sector to receive the server.

multi IDC told that the server has been successfully retrieved. It is understood that as long as the contract with the original man signed a copy of the contract and the background of a single shot, you can receive a machine in the local telecommunications sector.

"this lesson is too deep," IDC told NetEase technology. At the beginning of the July "primitive" for the first time off the net after more than a month, IDC and "primitive" representations on many occasions, went to Jiangyan to negotiate, and even conflict to the Jiangyan municipal government and Jiangyan telecommunication bureau. The webmaster is so called "primitive".

original people to the cost of a telecommunications server on more than 6000 yuan, but only to us before the transfer of $2900, the above IDC believes that it is the pursuit of low prices so that they cheated. Although the machine has been returned, but IDC to the original man hosting costs are not below.

Liu Hua is still under the control of the local public security department, Liu Hua father said all the original man company needs to wait until Liu Hua back processing. Another went to Taizhou’s IDC told NetEase technology, primitive man employees are also asked to pay their parents liu.

"original people network information technology Co., Ltd." (referred to as "primitive man") is a ISP value added service provider in Jiangsu, Taizhou. At the beginning of July this year, the company discovered the founder of "Juankuan run away" news, the company owners, hundreds of thousands of hosting sites affected. Subsequently, the rights of the 60 owners of the collective to Taizhou, Jiangyan Telecom Bureau and the Jiangyan municipal government to seek solutions.

3 days later, the original man who returned to the company’s seat, claiming to have raised $1 million, will be in July 15th before the program to compensate users. But in July 29th, the company said the announcement website linked to the failure of financing, and claimed to be filed for bankruptcy. In August 5th the local telecom announced that due to a long-term plan to stop to provide Internet access services to the "original people".

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