Content + relationship micro-blog than SNS further

once, celebrities to show off is a personal blog click over a million; now, grassroots show off on micro-blog fans over one hundred thousand. The direct result is: in the blog on the rogue promotion is brush click on the micro-blog rogue promotion is brush fans.

day before micro-blog to discuss which micro-blog fans brush plug-in easy to use, the result is the sour media friends asked fans


look first: what is the fan?

theory, the fans are micro-blog’s followers, called follow on the twitter, Sina micro-blog is called a fan, called the audience on the micro-blog Tencent. In theory, the number of fans represents concern. So, in theory, "your fans more than one hundred, you are like the magazine; more than one hundred thousand, you are a metropolis daily; more than one hundred million, you are CCTV


look, who’s more fans?

Han Han in Sina open micro-blog, only made a "hello" fan over. Faye Wong at the concert on a micro-blog issued thousands of times forward. Cai Wensheng with 32 iPhone4 plus 16 iPad in exchange for hundreds of thousands of fans. So, we know: fans not only on behalf of fans, fans are a symbol of celebrity identity!

look down again, who wants to have fans?

The ancients said: Ning

military and political leaders there? This is the eternal grassroots cry. The coal bosses love to buy Hummer, and the upstarts like to buy Bentley. God horse cars can not afford to buy a grassroots bubble network, want to lift their own how to do?

when I wrote this blog post, brush Sina fans Taobao shop is playing "drill drill" words, the transaction record is 8377.

There is a special

China Southern Airlines random magazine, 2010 inventory of the Internet people and events, see Professor Yu Guoming that appeared on the web, is actually the existing institutional arrangements for the public sentiment, to relieve the construction of social "safety valve" is not doing enough to. In the case of this social running in, the situation of social tension, people always want to vent. This reflects the deep social psychology.

so, fans are grassroots pursuit.

a wide range of powder tools, all kinds of brush fan service, behind the inevitable. Many grassroots will become famous as a kind of hope and sustenance, as a kind of hope, comfort or anesthetic. In the morning, talking to a friend about the operation of the video community, he said, had seen the draft selection of rural girls will be packaged, trained for the draft program. Draft odds are a few thousand, the loss of these thousands of hope that the children will be at the bottom of the society for a lifetime, no longer a dream. The star dream, clouds, is a cloud! – this is the social reality.

conclusion: fans valuable or not in fact there is no real meaning.