The failure of the blog profit

      today is August 9, 2007, from last year in March began to write a blog to earn advertising fees, has been a year and a half, during the bitter joy.

      bitter is now advertising account is still poor, more precisely, the money still stay: GG account); joy is to make a bunch of ideas has an aggressive friend.

      regular summary is an essential quality of a person’s success. So today, a simple summary of the gain and loss of the blog, for your reference!

      think of blogging because of the popularity of the blog at the end of 05, another direct reason is because the girlfriend was working in the insurance company, as one of the easiest way to promote blog,

      it’s easy to get into my sight.

      always hard at first. Because I was born in engineering, from an early age to write the article is not very good, so I will put some promotional materials into the blog inside, and then only to the customer’s promotional e-mail,

      put the link. The effect must be very bad!

      and then met a friend of Xiamen, he was preparing a joint stock forum, he advised me not to blog, because the blog can not make money. Of course I know that,

      but at that time I did not want to make a lot of money through the blog, so he recommended me to do GG advertising, and let me go to the outdated learning.

      blog is different from the website, because it does not have its own domain name, and the blog articles are all dynamic web page, and the program can not change, you can do is change the template.

      but I didn’t know so clearly. I still apply for GG, and began to start the students click.

      and also the point of his silly. Hehe:

      results later GG came to a letter, saying it was forbidden to cheat. Scared me to stop this stupid act at once.

    &nb day