Daily topic WeChat issued new regulations to rectify the public side of the fight against the third

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 10th news, April 4th WeChat WeChat team on the number of users of public announcement to allow the public number of users and operators a clearer understanding of the WeChat public platform operating rules, platform ecosystem together to create green and healthy, harmonious and win-win, "WeChat public platform operating standards" is now officially released. Please read the contents of the code in detail, and strictly comply with the relevant agreement, we look forward to working with you to jointly safeguard the order of the operation of WeChat’s public platform, regulate self-discipline, mutual integration. Thanks for your support! "

launched a new specification immediately attracted the attention of the industry and hot debate. The outside world is also circulating a variety of rumors, it is worth noting that in the consolidation of the public number of WeChat, Tencent quietly on the line of all courses free WeChat business school, which has a serious impact on the third party WeChat training.

and for rumors and Misreading WeChat team also made an interpretation, the following is the focus of the interpretation of content:

1 ban on WeChat mass

group is the basic function of WeChat public account, we will not ban. We are prohibited in violation of national laws and regulations, involving false information, infringement, malicious marketing and other content of mass behavior, and will be processed according to user reports.

2 on the prohibition of public numbers push each other

we have not banned all public numbers from pushing each other. We are prohibited on the premise of exchange of interest, with the nature of malicious marketing and unusual public number recommended behavior, and will be processed according to user reports.

3 on "prohibit the use of nearby people / drift bottles promotion"


received a lot of users on the use of nearby people / drift bottles bulk promotion complaints, in order to avoid harassment to users, we prohibit bulk marketing promotion and malicious by nearby people / drift bottles feature behavior.

4 on the prohibition of WeChat navigation promotion

in order to avoid misleading to the user, we prohibit the third party platform for the exchange of interest by the number of malicious brush WeChat public goods and promotion behavior.

5 on the prohibition of using micro-blog to promote WeChat

we do not prohibit the promotion of micro-blog platform WeChat public number. We prohibit the third party platform illegal brush powder, malicious push each other behavior, and will be processed according to user reports, the promotion of the normal micro-blog platform is licensed.

6 on banning WeChat from media alliance

we do not prohibit legal compliance from the media or media alliance, WeChat public platform to encourage the release and dissemination of high-quality media content.

7 on the prohibition of the use of interest to attract users

we do not prohibit the legal promotion of public accounts. We are prohibited by the interests of