Daily topic of the country was a wide range of DNS failure does not rule out hackers

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) January 22nd news, around 3 pm yesterday, the country appeared a wide range of DNS failures. Including Sina, Baidu, micro-blog and many other A5 webmasters use the COM domain name station appeared to be resolved to the

The full name of DNS

Domain Name System (domain name system), user input domain name through DNS analysis to the corresponding IP address, domain name will be the first local DNS server to resolve, if not to return analysis, the upper server until the query to the root server to query the most advanced, the local server will be the IP cache again, the user access to the domain name will return to the cached IP. The root server is used to manage the main directory of the internet. There are only 13 units in the world, the names of these 13 root servers are "A" to "M", of which the 10 are set in the United States, and the other one is set in the UK, Sweden and japan.

Although the majority of domestic

network access failure, but most of the mobile phone client site in this fault has not been affected, a number of mainstream applications including Sina micro-blog, Alipay, still normal use. In this regard, 360 Network Security Engineer Zhao Wu explained that the world has 13 root servers, assuming that this time there are two units were contaminated, and there are 11 units are clean. Due to the different network access mechanisms, mobile Internet access may be different root servers, so in the access to some web pages, can not log on the PC, but it can log on the phone.

DNS services hijacked by the attack, the normal access is resolved to the wrong server address, the most direct impact caused by the Internet is a large area off the network, the risk is phishing sites fraud. Hackers may be the normal site of the domain name to the wrong address, if the hacker in this address to build a phishing site, the user will enter the account password information phishing sites will be stolen. Massive DNS hijacking, the result is often broken network, because the website traffic is too great, phishing web server may not carry a large volume of traffic, the moment will be paralyzed, users can see the result is not open the page.

network security experts said that the site can not be accessed because of the site domain name error. Baidu Inc, a technical analyst believes that the existence of a number of domain name resolution errors. First, hackers attack foreign root servers caused by the domain name of the domestic server contaminated. Two is due to the data transmission network nodes, nodes may also become the target of attack. But if the attack nodes, the attack is special, "the attackers neither figure nor profit, but did not point to a specific content of the IP address." Three hackers in the attack on a single site, because the node is more, leading to node pollution thus affecting the entire network.

for the failure of the culprit, it is not true