nternet management agency CANN has also been black

[Abstract] it is not clear whether the attack will affect China and other countries of the international domain name registrant.

Tencent news network attack is not news, but this year in particular, from the U.S. retail industry, the financial industry to the recent Sony Corp, often suffered. According to reports, the Internet’s big Housekeeper – the United States ICANN, has recently been black.

ICANN is an organization that manages the allocation of international domain names and IP addresses. Due to the agency’s management of the Internet related affairs, the international community is planning to transfer some of its functions to the United Nations or international trade organization.

according to the U.S. science and technology news website Gizmodo reported that the ICANN system was attacked in November. Hackers used phishing to forge an internal e-mail that seemed to come from a ICANN server, and then stole confidential information through the organization’s employees.

in the attack, there are a number of employees account password stolen, in addition to the ICANN’s central regional data system, the user’s name and address information is also stolen.

is also involved in the theft of information on the ICANN wiki system, the official blog system, as well as the query domain name records Whois information portal.

is not clear whether the attack and information theft, will affect China and other countries of the international domain name registrant.

, according to reports, the beginning of this year’s ICANN information system for a security upgrade, but the attack shows that the security performance is not enough.

in March this year, the U.S. government has announced that it will give up the management of ICANN, will be transferred to the relevant functions of the global stakeholders". (Chen Xi)