Ma changed to play Zhang Zhaoyang mode three cards against WeChat

text / Zhao Nan

Ma Yun to play the "Zhang Zhaoyang mode".

what does that mean?

yesterday, Alibaba in Hangzhou to exchange in a "full moon wine", invited the 3 Hunan TV hot star, always a controversial 80 cross-border character, a male singer for the industry gossip headlines.

who? Zhou Bichang, Du Haitao, Bai Gang held fast men, Guo Jingming and Wang Feng. Accompanied by their platform as well as ma.

site to entertainment stars, of course, fans. "Go out" for idols". Du Haitao guest host the N back of the fans shouted N+1 times.

people understand. This is going to engage in entertainment marketing. The world’s most powerful Follow relationship, the first is the relationship between the believer and the relationship between the second is the leader, fans and stars.

Ma Yun for entertainment marketing platform, but for the first time. In order to stimulate young users from ", Ma had to play" Zhang Zhaoyang model ", to shed blood, out of the reception of small stars, with wide entertainers" from "friends are doing physical work, not easy.

Ma Yun said, "not only to do this" full moon wine ", but also to do a hundred days feast," one year old celebration"…… This is not part of the statement is that the future will ask more stars to come and go platform. To find a star to create the influence of young fans, Ma had to go out. At least for a long time.

"Zhang Zhaoyang model", seems to be the "second" in order to catch up with the "boss", to pick up C end user platform competition strategies. When the Sohu with Sina in Sina’s portal rivalry, live sports information advantage, Zhang Zhaoyang frequently appearance catch entertainment content. In an interview that year, Zhang Zhaoyang also said that I came out of the board’s resolution, which can reduce the cost of publicity for the company, but also to increase the exposure of Sohu. Zhang Zhaoyang later to learn Sina micro-blog, is still out of work pulls the star in this routine.

this year to play this pattern as well as the CEO Chen ou. Cosmetics electricity supplier, this is half of the media properties, and music bee network founder Li Jing is the entertainment and media circles of cross-border. Chen ou want to make their own company is remembered by young users, the lowest cost way is to put themselves into the entertainment circle. In an interview, Chen Ou also said that I come out to shoot advertising is the idea of his own investors Xu Xiaoping, Xu Xiaoping let me learn from Zhang Zhaoyang.

whether it is Zhang Zhaoyang, or learn from Chen Chen ou, from their case can see a little, today’s users of the company or product brand, a large part of the cultural awareness of the founder of the impact of. The lighter the company or product, the more young the user, the more the need for the founder of the entertainment color.

Ma is Ma ma. >