58 city of net of the vertical field of O2O $20 million investment E-Drive

the evening of October 17th, 58 city announced a $20 million investment in mobile Internet service platform for driving on behalf of e-drive. It is understood that the current round of E-Drive total financing for $25 million, of which 58 city as a lead investor invested $20 million after investors matrix partners, Lightspeed venture partners with the vote. E-Drive to issue 7.8% ordinary shares of 58 city, after the transaction, the 58 city drive does not have board seats in the e-generation but E-Drive, to appoint an observer.

58 city chief strategy officer Chen Xiaohua to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the 58 city to build a platform for the direction of investment, is expected to e-generation driving on behalf of business and the 58 city in the future the main business synergies, 58 city culture transaction closed loop at the same time, will also continue to develop the classification of information service.

in addition, Chen Xiaohua said, 58 home as an internal hatch out of business, the latter will operate independently, the Internet enterprise has been unable to an almighty, the next 58 city to the internal business incubator attitude is bold experiment, the implementation of specific to external investment.

cooperation with the main business

E-Drive said E-Drive is currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen 100 city opened on behalf of the driving services, with nearly 40000 generation driver. After the merger with the 58 generation of driving business, the city is no longer committed to engage in driving on behalf of the city of 58."

it is worth noting that this year, 58 city has repeatedly said it would spend $1 billion for new business incubation and investment mergers and acquisitions. Is the 58 city investment E-Drive first disclosed the investment case, after the internal team tried to drive business operation.

for internal business after hatching, and ultimately choose to invest in a car driving on behalf of enterprises, Chen Xiaohua told the "daily economic news" reporter said, driving on behalf of internal team do business at the same time, the 58 city also look at external driving on behalf of the project, only a few months of the internal generation of driving operation, the company believes that the market is large enough and the generation of driving the choice of investment related enterprises, determine the investment target, "internal (project) has stopped". The next 58 city will give E-Drive support within the capacity of the core business, but not driving on behalf of the 58 city, the main goal is to produce a synergistic effect with 58 city business. The integration of the two sides and the on-line work is expected to take about 1 months, will mainly consider how to ensure the interests of drivers and user experience.

, in his opinion, classification of information and transactions are closed space and scope, the 58 city investment E-Drive, the existing platform will continue to provide information on behalf of the drive, the original intention is to provide users with more options. For example, on behalf of driving intermediary services in some remote areas there is still value, while in the developed cities to provide private driving services can provide users with greater convenience.

Chen Xiaohua pointed out that an era of Internet companies can no longer be in the past, the positioning of the next 58 city is to the development of the platform, so in the vast majority of O2O areas, investment >