Easy to e-commerce website essay contest

easy to e-commerce website essay contest

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with the listing of Alibaba, the construction of the industry website is also becoming more and more popular, and gradually become the first choice for the majority of Internet entrepreneurs. The boss of the traditional industry is also gradually aware of the inevitability of network marketing, or their own industry website, or choose to go to the industry website release product information and advertising information. China’s industry website development of the first brand, has been in the industry for the majority of industry enthusiasts to provide technical support, and constantly upgrade the software market demand. Easy to develop in the field of industry website has achieved very good results, the development of B2B, C2C become the first choice for the construction of the national industry website. October launch of the easy to think real estate network, and gradually been recognized by the user, and in the near future with the user needs to launch the first real estate network upgrade.

easy to think, in 2007 to assist the 1000 industry website profit target as of September we have completed the 685, in the remaining time we will continue to work hard, and strive to achieve our goal!

in the process of assisting the webmaster to establish an industry website, we grow together with the webmaster, continue to learn, accumulated a lot of experience in the construction of the industry website. At the same time, we also found that we have a lot of industry website operators have more experience, such as: the initial site of SEO optimization, website content, website development and operation strategy, etc.. This essay aims to discuss the website industry operating experience, we learn from each other, and common progress. "Exchange ideal, create value" is easy to want to pursue.

easy to think (easy to Network Technology Co., Ltd.), as the construction of the first brand of Sichuan industry website, has a large number of users, although its function is perfect, easy to use. However, the operation of the site’s program is a problem in the operation of the webmaster, many users worry about the operation of the site. Is easy to think for the webmaster friends site, convenient and simple operation and optimization provide a set of effective methods, methods to collect the successful operation of stationmaster industry website, launched the "large-scale e-commerce website essay contest.

essay topic: e-commerce website to share the experience of

entry Description:

awards set:

first prize: 500 yuan bonus to another website program easy to get a coupon (is easy to think of customers to extend the service time of half a year) 500M free easy to think of the mall space

two award, such as: bonus $300 easy to think of a coupon website program and a free 300M mall space for one year

three award, such as: bonus $100 easy to think of the website program a coupon and a free 200 M mall space for one year

encouragement award 5: easy to think of a set of B2C mall, 100 M free easy to think mall space a year