Domestic well-known free space portal through a long time off the network declared bankruptcy

dear portal user:

portal in Henan province after the encounter block measures, through hard work, will have an emergency server from Henan back to Beijing again.

is currently the Internet more and more stringent measures to rectify the nationwide, provinces have taken off the network investigation, all IDC people, "Ning kill one thousand, did not miss a", some have adopted a "white list" to limit access, under such a large environment, after a portal through this free the service conducted a careful evaluation, decided to suspend the portal service, when re opened, depending on the environment and the situation and then set.

for more information on the rectification, please refer to Sina’s special report:

national regulation of Internet and mobile pornography information topics:

small sites shut down the storm survey: across the board so that the owners panic:

did not go into the white list site to shut down some of the sites transferred overseas:

part of the site and IDC space providers to support a long time off the network, however, declared bankruptcy:

after hard work, the portal server was able to re withdraw Beijing, and have been online, but we can only open FTP service, please seize the time to download the website content, the contents of the database without owners own backup, engineers have to pack, be uploaded to the FTP server, download the convenience of the station.

please login to see the FTP parameters

the following points please note:

1) site data and databases have been uploaded to the FTP server;

2) MS SQLServer data in the private_data directory;

3) MySQL database file in the database directory;

4) site files are in the public_html directory;

5) FTP deadline: 2009-12-31 noon 12:00.

original domain user