Thank you for changing my life

see this title, you might say I was in the bluff, please don’t draw a conclusion, I am not beat apple. I guarantee that stationmaster net me all the truth.


story started from 3 years ago, 3 years ago, after the entrance of the single plank bridge, I successfully entered the University. But it didn’t bring me any sense of achievement, because I am well aware of the situation, a few lifelong peasant family, I can finish high school already destitute, never again for my university. But because of this, but feel very relaxed, know their university are slim, but I also want to try, even if I don’t want to read the school, I also want to fight for, even if read, also can feel the atmosphere of college. So, I borrow $500 the money, on the back of a simple luggage, set foot on the train in the distance. Before going on, I also want to own a good posterior — if the school does not read, in the city to work.

finally to the University, but to my surprise, with a dead pig afraid of hot water mentality I actually successfully became a formal college — because the school has a student loan. Poor and happy, I quickly mix to the second, I soon in the school to win a ground the work study job, the job is the task of managing the school forum, the work is very simple, so I have a lot of time to do their own thing with the school computer (please don’t despise me, because I have no money to buy a computer). Poor I work hard, I soon learned about ASP.NET, DIV+CSS that website development technology like PHOTOSHOP. Slowly, the website of the school management. I also feel a sense of achievement.

see here you may be depressed, said these stationmaster net with what? Well, here’s stationmaster net played: 07 years, I as prices began to rise, with the light I had barely enough living expenses only half a month, let alone want to buy what the learning materials so, every day thinking about how to make money every day, ask around to see if there is no time to do. What a chance, I know the webmaster network trading forum, from now on, I like to catch a straw, begin to try to do the next task on it. When I found DIV, write code, PS really can make money, happiness is not less than the discovery of the new world. From then on, in the forum with crazy tasks. Finally, the availability of my living expenses, but also some money, so I have to buy the idea of a computer, because the whole day went to work to do The Internet work room is too inconvenient. Soon, from the hands of low-cost classmates bought a Tualatin (also known as Celeron 3). Although slow, although the class is only my desktop, while other students are using the above 9K brand notebook, although my computer even CS run no, although…, but I have been very satisfied (then think, think the poor is really easy to meet ah). In this way, the project, occasionally doing part-time job soon, went to the junior next semester, to see so many webmaster webmaster online hair soft Wen, I >