Daily topic Baidu to buy glutinous rice s to strengthen the layout of the LBS

station network (www.admin5.com) August 14th news, recently a number of media reports, Baidu wants to buy everyone’s group purchase site sticky web, in order to strengthen the O2O layout in the field, and there are rumors that Baidu and glutinous rice network merger negotiations have been carried out for two months, has entered the stage of due diligence.

recently there is news that Baidu was unable to eat dianping.com this O 2O fat, they will look to the everyone’s a bowl of glutinous rice, glutinous rice and Baidu currently trading has entered the closing stages. Baidu is expected to get a controlling position in the transaction, the valuation of glutinous rice network will be between 3-5 billion. In the current Baidu or the acquisition or investment has not yet learned of the situation, combined with the experience in the electricity industry was, and the rice network transactions, more important is to grasp the core of the group purchase of users, the ability to learn business, and to create a closed loop transaction around Baidu map.

this is the second acquisition of the industry on the acquisition rumors. A few months ago glutinous rice network CEO Shen Boyang said publicly that "at the end of last year, glutinous rice nets began to talk about the merger and handle network." In fact, sticky rice and handle network have made it clear that they have the meaning of mergers and acquisitions. Last year, everyone chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou bluntly glutinous rice network does not rule out the possibility of large-scale mergers and acquisitions in the industry to buy the site. And in mid February this year, the net investor Zhu Xiaohu Jinsha River venture capital also revealed to the media, or other mergers and acquisitions network buy site. Mergers and acquisitions in the industry did not occur, currently ranked third and two of the two did not seem to eat each other’s desire and ability.

The first day of the Internet giant

group purchase industry coveted from the outbreak of the group purchase began to rumors, but in addition to the Alibaba rely on their own electricity supplier resources to build Juhuasuan and other giants of the group purchase attempts have untold success. The 800 group co-founder, group purchase industry experts Hu Chen south are reporters, "nuomi and Wo Wo Group almost third staggered fourth state." If the acquisition is true, from which you can see at least Baidu O 2O more attention.

for everyone, but also to unload a big burden. Everyone’s company earnings report, although the fourth quarter of 2012, the loss of glutinous rice network chain narrowed, but the annual loss of $27 million 300 thousand also accounted for the total loss of more than 30% of the total amount of the company. At the beginning of this year, chairman of the board of directors of the company announced a high-profile Chen Yizhou glutinous rice network continue to invest $50 million to achieve expansion of three times". But the industry is not optimistic, but Chen Yizhou think this is used to make investors believe that the glutinous rice nets can turn a profit and gamble with high profit for all companies, glutinous rice will even become the last straw for everyone. Now sitting on the map and navigation application Baidu is willing to take over a hot "everyone glutinous rice" to supplement their own group purchase layout. Prior to Baidu virtue of its own brand, capital flow, has advantages in the industry really had Starving people fill the land. group purchase fast. As early as 2010 Baidu passed