Cooperation and win-win 2014 Jiangsu nternet entrepreneurs conference held in October 23rd

A5 webmaster network news, hosted by A5 in October 23rd, taking Xuzhou stationmaster net net, the network of excellence, aliyun, accelerate the music Sohu Chatteris Huayun data co 2014 Jiangsu Internet entrepreneurs conference successfully held in the New Century Grand Hotel Xuzhou Yunlong Lake, vigorously support the conference alliance, CMSTOP, 51idc, nine wins three AI network intellectual fire marketing company. The general assembly to cross-border, integration, opportunities, the idea for Jiangsu and even the whole country to build an open and free Internet practitioners exchange platform. The General Assembly invited the A5 webmaster CEO Zhengjun chapter laggards, founder Dong Qinfeng, Star Media founder Guo Jijun, chief of thoracic Huayun data company brand marketing department Yu Lijuan, Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning, good credit network CEO Li Mingshun, CEO, Xuzhou Hualong Xiang Qian Yu ChinaHR Xu CEO and other big Internet cafes to the Yangtze river. Promote the guests a wonderful speech at the theme and wonderful interactive site participants, the conference brought a wonderful and extensive exchange feast for the internet.

in the yard, the scenic Xuzhou Yunlong Lake conference attracted more than 500 participants from all walks of life. The general assembly covers local web site operators, e-commerce, mobile Internet, micro providers, such as micro marketing currently the hottest Internet content. In addition to the tall guests, the scene also added a media campaign chest beauty economy brings eye effect to the general assembly. Hot mobile Internet also brings more innovative elements to the conference site. WeChat field sweep to win a small prize, micro-blog, WeChat on the wall live interactive topic plus friends lottery, not only for the general assembly to hear the speech at the scene. The general assembly set up all kinds of prizes are also very rich, Edifier audio, red envelopes of cash, iphone6 awards also allow participants to get soft people. Jiangsu Internet Conference has been held for nearly ten sessions, while maintaining the original features, is constantly innovation and transformation, to build the brand, the Internet has become one of the most influential event.



conference site All seats are occupied.


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A5 webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun wonderful speech




A5 station network CEO Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king) as the organizers of the first speech, as the Internet has ten years of experience of the ashes of stationmaster, graph king site operations, cash flow, entrepreneur has a wealth of ideas and unique experience. Thank you for supporting the general assembly, as usual, at the same time, the king of today’s Web site operators, Internet entrepreneurs do a simple and wonderful sharing. Figure Wang said in the micro business >