Baidu released the invitation rebate notice banning false information by webmaster

webmaster news: August 30th Baidu alliance open invitation registration function, launched the "invitation rebate network alliance to promote online activities. Webmaster invited new members or add new sites during the event web promotion business income over 100 yuan per person, will receive a $fifty cash rebate, is not capped. In the webmaster can invite friends to register and add their own new website in two ways Wangmeng promotion code, you can get the cash rebate. In the event of September 2nd Baidu released the latest announcement, the activities in the webmaster using false information to induce new user registration behavior is strictly prohibited, and emphasizes the activities to promote the standard.

notice reads as follows:

cited content:


dear alliance members, Hello:

recently we found that some union members use false information in the process of promotion – invited rebate activities induced by the new user registration Baidu alliance account, such as the use of "Baidu union official free direct links through the audit, audit of Baidu alliance green channel", "100 percent application by Baidu alliance" to describe the release invitation link.

here we solemnly prompt "invitation – rebate activities of new members invited is required by the normal review process, on the" Easy Access "," 100% pass rate "are false description, the induction of registration using false information is prohibited to promote party alliance, please invite people to participate in activities self-examination, such as the existence of this kind of promotion way stop.

tip: you can use the following information to invite new users

1 new members, "the new station gift:

• monthly participation in the activities of the new members randomly selected a prize for iPod Touch!

every two weeks from Wangmeng promotion code to show the amount of the top seven, can enjoy two weeks in 123 to recommend Wangmeng promotion customers, get more high-quality customers to promote targeted delivery


2, the use of the following invitation pictures combined with the invitation link:


thanks to the majority of members of the Union League promotion "- invitation rebate activities and support


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Baidu alliance sincerely thank you for your contribution!