Who in the squatting Seven years of the two Soufangwang trademark battle

also called Soufangwang, February 13th, a lesser known SouFun (sofang.com) will be a NYSE listed company Soufangwang (soufun.com, SFUN.NYSE) on the dock of the Beijing high court.

this is the two Soufangwang around the "housing" trademark ownership of the latest round of wrestling, the former considered himself the first to apply "SouFun" advertising trademark, the latter think that it belongs to the malicious cybersquatting, both sides of the fighting lasted for more than 7 years, has not known.

is not well-known Soufangwang was founded in 1995, Beijing Jieshi Investment Advisory Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Fred") all. In 1995, Tao Klipsch launched the "Beijing Real Estate Internet", "housing" has become one of the channels.

1999, Tao Jieshi have registered www.sofang.com and a series of "housing" related to the domain name, the formal operation of SouFun, historically, Soufangwang operation time longer.

, however, the contradiction between the two is not to share the same name of the site, but who has the right to have the Chinese "SouFun" advertising trademark. For the two companies operating the same real estate Internet advertising business sites, the housing category is essential for the attribution of advertising.

information to the "First Financial Daily" obtained show that in September 2003, Tao Klipsch began to apply "SouFun sofang" trademark, but in 2006 the trademark trial publicity, was also hope to have Chinese "SouFun" trademark of the listed company Soufangwang check, when the latter application in English trademark name for "housing soufun".

is an independent third party lawyer told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter, because the two companies apply for the same 35 types of advertising trademark, and Chinese parts are exactly the same, "housing", English part is very similar, so it is very difficult to two trademark application is successful, there must be a rejection of this is a listed company to Jie Shi Soufangwang have Soufangwang trademark blocking reason.


SouFun listed companies are put forward: "the road for Klipsch SouFun sofang" trademark in the service form similar, belong to the malicious cybersquatting. The first round of confrontation between the two sides in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office (hereinafter referred to as trademark bureau) to expand.

, however, in October 2009, the Trademark Office ruled that the reasons for the objection raised by the listed company SouFun is not established, rejected its objection to the application. SouFun first less well-known Tao Jie Shi have victory.

but the dispute is not settled, a month later, the listed company Soufangwang refused to accept the ruling, to the national trademark review and Adjudication Board (hereinafter referred to as business judges) filed a review, things turn a corner. 3 years later, that is, in October 2012, the judgment of the judges of the support of the listed company Soufangwang request, the result has been reversed. >