P2P closures attack the skirmish will end the era of industry to collect billions of gold

Hu Qun

silver passenger network CEO Guo Xintao has recently been busy with several partners launched new platform, which was founded in late 2013 by P2P company plans to launch a legal aid fund investors, hoping to solve the investors because the platform failure disputes. "This is a good, all of the industry, we do not want to see a problem with. Some enterprises in the industry appear cash difficulties, will lead to distrust of the entire industry investors." Guo Xintao told the economic observer newspaper.

in fact, the 2013 P2P industry worries than hi. According to net loan home data show that in 2013 the country’s 90 major P2P platform total turnover of 49 billion, the average composite interest rate of 23.24%, on the other hand, there are difficulties in the presence of the emergence of the platform of the 74, most of them concentrated in the four quarter. It is understood that in December only 10 of the collapse of the platform, the collapse has slowed down. Prior to November was 30, in October was 18.

nevertheless, net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei believes that in 2014 the market environment will be more cruel than the 2013, more than and 70 P2P collapsed in 2013, 2014 will be P2P more and more enterprises have been eliminated. But the industry consolidation period will occur in 2015.

billions of dollars to be paid

as of December 31st, net loan home monitoring has 74 P2P platform problems, the most prosperous private lending in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu provinces, but also the largest P2P platform area. Zhejiang 17, Guangdong 11, Jiangsu, a total of 9, accounting for the total number of 50%.

in the platform problems, only 3 was set up in 2012, the rest were set up in 2013, and some even set up the month that the problems, such as Fujian Xiamen Fu Xiang ventures was founded in October 2013, and the month closed, leaving 800 thousand to collect gold.

Although the

set up a short time, but there is a problem of the platform is the amount to be received a large sum of money. Net loan home only statistics nearly 40 problem platform, the amount of the amount to be paid up to $1 billion 151 million, of which the network of Guangdong, Shenzhen to win the world to receive the amount of $200 million, to be received for the number of 1372. Only less than 10 of the platform is to collect the statistics of the number, but the number has reached 6065 people, including Anhui Tongling Tongdou loan number is 1742 for income, the amount to be received is 110 million.

real standard after the demolition of the standard lead to financial fragmentation, the project overdue platform withstand capacity, since the real estate business platform, such as poor management platform has become the main cause of the accident. The first two reasons belong to poor management, while the latter is the establishment of a platform to solve the problem of large shareholders or the boss behind the line of funds short board. Once the actual control of company’s problems, companies will naturally open platform.

this also caused widespread concern regulators, regulators or the end of the bonus period. In November 25th by the CBRC