Sina stop Google search service to its own search technology

Admin5 station network March 29th news: domestic well-known portal currently has a full cessation of cooperation with Google search service, Google search home page column removed, the search service with its own search technology to replace Google. Sina and Google search service termination of cooperation, marking the end of Google in China and a partnership.



Liu Qi, deputy general manager of sina’s marketing department, said on Monday that Sina’s website has stopped using Google’s search service and has now turned to its own search technology. Liu Qi said Sina made this change this month, its contract with Google has been terminated. Sina home page search bar is currently searching out the results of sina search technology to filter out the search technology in accordance with the scope of the news, blog, music, etc..

click on the Sina home page search button, will automatically jump to Sina search independent page. In addition, special search classification news, pictures, blog, micro-blog, video, music, product, including stocks, weather, maps, video, performances, forums and other popular search application. In the future sina will integrate its own more services to search. Sina is currently only available in the station search. (A5 / original edit triumphantly reproduced please specify the source of