Read the network marketing from the 201314.

yesterday is January 4, 2012, also known as the "201314" homonym love you for life, I believe we have the feeling to get love, in such a day, have to love their people express it, on such a work, from the beginning to work has been feeling to this point, in the QQ space, the ubiquitous 201314, in micro-blog, are talking about today may be the only day. Day, this excitement has infected more people to participate, then the author will place, from yesterday concern to say, cheats the network marketing need.


: "201314" is a date, from this date to see everyone crazy, actually from the 19 floor you can see many of my friends have an appointment on this day to receive a marriage certificate, all together, this in itself is an event, this is also the marketing prospective, not how many friends on this day for their network to build different channels? Such an event, specifically, in the YY voice, in a variety of games, the lovers meet on this day married, also have to say with this day, love and a fire. Since it is a type of event marketing, you can see the date type of events often have to some, for example, last year’s Olympic Games, but also an event, but every day the door in the event happens with great immediacy, not much planning space, the the event is different, so on this date type of event, we should look at how

network marketing?

first, what will be the 201314 trigger point

201314 what trigger point, this point, then go directly to Baidu bar, in general, is not to come out, only the collection is a positive solution


in Baidu, "201314 what gift" series of topics of the fastest rising, it is a natural theme, on the other 201314 "licensing of marriage" and so on the topic is starting to consider, this is only 201314 of Baidu, naturally we have other ways to find their own space to play. Figure 201314 on the Taobao (even on Taobao, there is a visible degree of hot)


at this point, if it is marketing, so for the guest who is also a market, but if we consider the receipt of goods, must be done ahead of time is the only need to do the planning, not lack of Taobao, not Baidu, look at Baidu search tips, you you can tap into play ideas trigger point,


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