Website promotion to have degree

today, in the Internet and personal webmaster website website all sorts of strange things meet the eye everywhere, number of the China is growing by leaps and bounds. However, insiders are not difficult to see, excellent climate, market prospects website and how much? Why is this


believe that we can see is how to increase the flow or even cheating etc. research station all day a large number of now, I admit to website operation is the first to consider the "higher", the "promotion" link is a must, but it has planned to do, is not blind in this area a lot of work.

blindly promote the drawbacks:

1, the webmaster can be in the site’s content or structure of more effort, in order to web site "connotation", however, the blind promotion not only a waste of time, and ignore the things to do;

2, because the "website promotion" (promotion means there is no longer the restatement, the webmaster should know), resulting in a serious waste of Internet cyber source, the emergence of a large number of invalid garbage in the network, or use the speed of the network;

3, sometimes misleading viewers to click, resulting in a potential waste of other people’s time;

so, the conscience of the webmaster, advise everyone to "honest man, steadfast do stand", website promotion should have a degree, to the Internet a good order and clean environment.

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