Network marketing to avoid a short-lived product

with the development of the Internet economy, network marketing has become a fashion, whether it is a traditional enterprise or online started, network marketing is the main channel for the sale of products. All kinds of network marketing methods, marketing methods can effectively make the products in the network instantly hot, but the huge network is also easy to let this "fire" has become the time, Xiaobian to tell you how to avoid the network marketing products is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

product innovation is the essence of

copy, copy, imitation, imitation has become a common method for the production of products, some time ago the "adorable face" hot appearance, users can use it to create cartoon picture, the novelty quickly swept the user group, analysis the function of this software, magic man cameras, crazy guess figure compared with before, are exactly the same. Look at this kind of software marketing effect, are the basic products for developing this kind of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the difficulty is low, non rigid demand, easy to copy, rely on third party platform products, it is difficult to have great development space. Even with the awesome network marketing method, also can’t hold very long time, if the product is essentially not only attract users, destined to end.

to meet customer needs is the core

in the survival of the enterprise is an important product in high degree, or marketing means? For this problem from the small iPhone perspective, apple mobile phone almost no marketing tool, but it can in intelligent mobile phone out. Apple rotten, then your mobile phone, there are still a group of crazy users to pursue, is its products can meet the needs of customers, can reach the ideal state in which the users of interactive products, high-definition screen, touch screen interface operating system perfect, accurate, purchased from the perspective of the user is more than just an electronic the same is the world leader in equipment, electronic market things. IPhone intelligent mobile phone mobile phone have been popular in the market, before, now, the future will have the market, it is not just a marketing tool, the product itself is more conditions, can always for its potential customers more innovative applications, to provide more customers demand, it will not be doomed to flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum the product.

hunger marketing to create a permanent concern

said hunger marketing, millet mobile phone and have to think, from the production of millet millet mobile phone fancier since the products have been used are hungry type of marketing, but also long has been in use. Millet is the first mobile phone network marketing millet initiative, the world’s first dual core 1.5G mobile phone only sell 1999 attractive factors, combination of millet mobile phone through live video, micro-blog interactive, BBS thread let the attractive factors known to the public. Each week to limit the circulation of the product, at a fixed point in time to buy the product activities, with a small amount of product sales to attract user attention,

for network marketing, so you can have enough good products to attract users >

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