Potential user analysis mining and marketing

every day we try to put your site a lot of exposure out, and slowly ignored our promotion purpose, simply say the purpose of promotion is to make money, so why not try to find a way to tap the potential users we have, to marketing it? Well, today try to tell you. I know how to analyze and excavate the potential users of our website.


what is a potential user?

refers to the potential users who have not used to buy a certain product or service, have the ability to buy, buy decision-making power, but those users demand for the products provided by the function argument is easy to understand, want to buy and don’t want to buy one.

how to tap potential users?

mining potential users is a big problem in the marketing potential users, so much promotion staff has been in the promotion, but did not seize the existing customers for marketing reasons is that there is no way to tap their potential users, told me about my personal experience, there are potential users of their competitors, website, website WeChat, micro-blog, QQ these mainstream social software, mainly from the perspective of a few points.

site Mining: had QQ cloud marketing friends must know the magic of the QQ marketing cloud, visitors can dig their own QQ number, mobile phone number, and we can see the visited pages, antecedents, IP address, but also can carry on the message push function.

QQ Mining: most of the QQ marketing is done by QQ space marketing, so need to dig their own QQ space visitors is very simple, I believe we all know QQ space with a visitor record, at the same time, we can also enter the rival QQ space for mining the user. The main method is to add friends through QQ space to dig.

WeChat: WeChat recently a lot of people play very hot, most companies use WeChat’s potential users do not want to lose WeChat, only to retain their potential users, and not to look for new users, although WeChat can not set like, but people still feel the WeChat SEO is also expected, at least I use WeChat SEO WeChat’s own subscription number to create a 1000 fans account, mainly mining potential users or through WeChat share followers.

micro-blog: in fact, using micro-blog to tap the potential users is quite convenient, like QQ, we can directly see the user micro-blog homepage, can be directly used to the letters or attention, in my opinion, Chinese people have such a mentality, you pay attention to, he will pay attention to your manners. We can use this method to pay attention to rival fans, because rival fans may be our potential customers.

summary: there are a lot of ways to tap potential users, of course

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