How to identify the location of network marketing

with the rapid development of network, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the network marketing, but because of the lack of professional talents and knowledge of network marketing is not clear, a lot of enterprise network marketing have invested money, do not have the desired effect, only to later complained that the network promotion not, these enterprises mistake where is it? Is because they did not take the first step of network marketing — marketing positioning.

China has nearly one hundred million Internet users, and is growing rapidly, if you can not do a good job in the first step in the network marketing positioning, will be a huge waste of funds, not the desired results.

there are a lot of such enterprises, there is no position on their own marketing, only visits your site is good, have a computer sales company, not to do the film keyword search engine promotion, he, where I promotion, people see the movie at the same time. Take a look at my computer, and should be, the feeling is a funny question, this promotion may frighten the cat. Touch the dead mouse, there is a little effect, but the odds are much? Another time, a friend said to me, I just made the site, to help me to do some visits, let the calculator run, I said, what do you need to visit? He said, have visited, good to make money ah, I said, the traffic will be able to make money? How many popular no profit The site close to the end ah, the friend is laughing.

in the understanding of people in general, network marketing is to give their website to popularity, to flow, however, they always ignore a fundamental problem, your site in the end is to flow, profit or


network marketing positioning, the most important is in the search engine promotion and e-mail marketing positioning and online advertising media positioning.

accompanied by the arrival of the era of network marketing, search economy become the attention economy, eye and a hot economy after the economic, it can be said that the network marketing is the most important search engine marketing, the first to talk about the search engine promotion aspects of marketing positioning. The search engine promotion is based on keyword search target clients, is the most effective, the strongest network marketing method, in the search engine marketing positioning and promotion, the most critical is the most easy to use keywords to find the target customers, so as to allow customers to find you, make you the most effective promotion. There was a lamp enterprises, please help us to do the search engine promotion, set the key words are as follows: the best lighting manufacturers, best lighting manufacturers, lighting the best provider, imagine, if the use of such key words as the search engine promotion effect, as can be imagined. In the choice of keywords, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, to avoid the blind pursuit of hot keywords; the use of Email search customer law, operation method: search customer site + mailbox, such as customer site for www.365w>

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