Micro-blog is still not dead on their blog marketing focus

in the blog has just been born, who has a blog of their own is a very strange thing. Especially around 2009 the blog industry boom in the 1990s, the blog has become the industry personnel’s name card, if you can do a keyword first, then it means that your very good technical skills. Of course, the blog is not only a platform for the public to express themselves, but also to become a favorable marketing methods and tools. Such as the use of blog Taobao customers, from the media, both the birth of many successful cases, whether the electric grid or Lou loose or, some grassroots webmaster, they use blogs to achieve their business network. Of course, micro-blog is also a grassroots bull like operating a marketing tool. Moreover, micro-blog has become a tool for the public to say, and more timely. Therefore, the smart marketing team also launched a feature of micro-blog marketing, hoping to follow the footsteps of the development of the times. In a sense, micro-blog is a more convenient innovation blog.

Even today we

for the development of micro-blog and blog is not optimistic, but from some marketing cases, we can find that the marketing value, like some time ago the micro-blog was forwarded 1 million times, micro-blog marketing power still can not be overlooked.

of course, on the nature of marketing, the use of these two tools of mass communication in the marketing world, it can be said to have a different effect. The purpose of the two tends to be consistent, hoping to better impress the public, for a product and services have a different understanding, and then choose it. In the process of the application of reality, there are some differences between the two. The difference is mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

first information collection channels and forms are not the same. This is how to explain the specific blog marketing is mainly valuable articles blog. Because blogs can express their views in a long way, the content can be more specific. Therefore, the article in the blog marketing will be higher quality and quantity requirements. Generally speaking, the article will pay more attention to the consumer’s understanding and experience of a product, as well as to better express the advantages of its products. Micro-blog is paying attention to the interactivity. Because micro-blog has a better real-time, while relatively short refining, so increase the interaction between sellers and buyers, can better promote the marketing effect.


, the information transmission channels are different. The spread of the blog is generally reflected in the user’s direct access or related subscriptions. Therefore, in reality, self search more, how to solve this one characteristic to attract the public, relevant to the needs of the marketing team to better grasp the reality of consumer preferences and the corresponding preferences. It is of great significance to combine their products with the tastes of consumers. Blog marketing, marketing team will be a good grasp of the role of opinion leaders, grasp its impact on the public. The spread of micro-blog marketing is generally concerned about friends

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