Analysis of the factors affecting the integrity of enterprise website turnover

now many companies are aware of the importance of network marketing to the company, but also know that to build a marketing website. But the marketing website of these enterprises in the eyes of the station is nothing more than "we know, to our advantage, why should we choose" and so on, this will make the website brightly coloured, jump out rate is very high. In this paper, the author will analyze the hands of a car parking lock site, a number of amendments to strengthen the integrity of the enterprise to affect the case of sales.

first, the integrity of the enterprise before the station

in the construction site, must first seek and then move. General small and medium-sized enterprise station, must consider the following factors.

1, product selection determines the site name

said here the product selection, refers to the business is operating its own brand, or do business agency. If such as drizzle parking lock, the product belongs to its own brand, you can choose the product brand name as the site name. If the dealer or agent, if the product is well-known, you can select agents as the site name, if not famous, I recommend choosing similar "XYZ business department", "XX technology company" is the most suitable.

before the author of the company in the above had lost, the name of the site was written as a certain e-commerce company". If the site is such a title, it is likely that some large customers will not click into the site. Because large customers prefer to contact manufacturers directly, or regional level agents, so there are price and quality advantages.

2, website domain name

companies operating on the Internet brand, the domain name is similar to a corporate store, such as strong Jingdong also replace the domain name. I suggest that the enterprise try not to use a bunch of meaningless figures or pinyin.

two, the site is an important factor to improve the integrity of

to improve the trust of enterprise website has many factors, the author according to their web site (mainly engaged in mechanical products), it is said that the details of the product which has a great impact on the integrity of the station.

1, providing customer case

consumers often have blindly psychological, typically in the quality of the products under the premise of not much difference between, if the consumer know the sales of A products than B manufacturers, will choose A products. For the case of this customer, drizzle parking lock has a deeper understanding, as shown in the following figure. Drizzle not only provide customer cases, but also the breakdown of customer cases, such as divided into individual cases, business cases, different user cases, etc.. In this way, we can improve consumer acceptance and desire to buy.


2, provide shipping notice

some owners believe that the enterprise station to provide shipping notice, it will be easy for competitors to understand their sales, customers and other key data. Drizzle parking lock is the following solution can be used to deliver >

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