From the post bar 2 days to get thousands of P to promote the sharing of actual combat cases

two days ago in his micro-blog issued an article again try to post promotion, thousands of IP easy access to the article. When he revealed at the beginning of February to try again Post Bar achieved promotion. Because it was written in micro-blog, but simply revealed a record. A lot of friends want to be able to speak more detailed point, then I said in micro-blog, will find time to share with you.

yesterday, that is, the article in micro-blog, see 2 let me a little helpless reply. Mou Changqing said that from the post bar to do more than 4 thousand IP, is the brush out, is speculation, deceptive. Whenever I see such a reply, I feel helpless at the same time, I also regard this as a highly appreciated by others, because I have done something impossible in the eyes of others.

say it’s the truth, when 05 years of contact Forum promotion, it is every day can get about 8000 IP from Baidu Post Bar, now just 2 days for the 4000IP, than it was only 1/4 effect. So little record, also feel impossible, and that the previous record not myth? Today, I will bring the actual details of the promotion of the process of sharing out, I think this is more people to do things.

In fact, the real

to seriously study the promotion from my friend, the micro-blog post, has found that, my promotion is what website is what material to push, also can find me in the Post Bar issued specific posts, each post even hits. They have been able to understand the wonders of this one, this article, in fact, this group of people do promotion is not fair, because a lot of things is actually point on the line. Especially the Forum promotion, if we all know what places have the effect, like a swarm of bees to that place, have the effect, has become no effect.

forum to promote the experience of the article, I have written before, but has never mentioned what specific forum to promote the use of what material to do, but will not mention how much the specific flow. Today I’ll make an exception and tell everybody what. But such a fool to share, will not always have. May also be the only master to teach his disciples, will share so clearly understand.

today in front of wordy words a little more, but some words do not say, my heart is not fun. Now how to get to the point, in 2 days to get more than 4 thousand IP from Baidu Post Bar.

February 1st -2 month 2 days, two days (Figure

) website origin


1: the promotion of material acquisition

last weekend, had the honor to participate in the Baidu entertainment boiling point awards. The first chance to see so many stars at once. Before I went, I was well prepared. Digital cameras, two mobile phones are full of electricity, but also with a spare battery.

the big Ming that day

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