A Sina micro-blog marketing strategy to share

and many electricity supplier companies, I have been concerned about Sina micro-blog. Among them, the author is also found to do micro-blog marketing, the most difficult, but also the core of the work is to let us issue more people see micro-blog. As long as micro-blog has more people to see, there will be more people forward and interactive, our platform will be more exposure, the brand will be promoted.

around such a train of thought, I found that there is a way to greatly enhance the probability of being concerned about micro-blog: micro-blog is among the hot search keywords.


micro-blog is doing marketing for us is very favorable, is in the search results which is the default in time order, that is to say as long as you send out immediately to micro-blog search bar to search keywords which contains our micro-blog, you will certainly be show. So if we add in the micro-blog users are very concerned about the words, this micro-blog can be seen by a lot of people.

in this method there are still 2 problems need to be solved: first, what is a hot search; two is how to put the words of the hot search into our micro-blog.

is a simple way to solve the problem. Sina and Baidu, like micro-blog, provides a list of wind and cloud, where Sina micro-blog gives the most important keyword in different periods of time, the topic. These words are the hottest search, they can be well used to our micro-blog.

and how to search the words embedded in our micro-blog, it is necessary to do is to find the first word in the hot search for those who have your site, the brand is associated with keywords. For example, now hot search Beijing auto show, if you are a car related website, the word can be very good use. If you really can not find such words, it also never mind, do a little change can eliminate those irrelevant, or in Beijing auto show, for example, as we are selling glasses website, and the Beijing auto show is never mind, but I can say that the Beijing show was the spectacles cars, other amazing attention. After a random P upload pictures, this is not the OK mody.

This method is also suitable for

in the promotion of micro activities, for example, we had an activity in micro-blog, it is not enough on your own micro-blog fans spread, you can use this method to do promotional activities. In the event, add hot search words, so your activities will be exposed. And the activity itself is attractive, so you don’t even care about your activities, even if your search is not relevant.

in addition to the use of hot words can be used, some of the long-term concern is also available. For example, the zodiac sign and other related words, these words have also on micro-blog quite amazing attention, the author has done a test, and the constellation of micro-blog, in half an hour can be forwarded to thousands of times.

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